Анонс: Международный Гассюку Годзю-Рю Рюсёкай 2018

#Senaha2018 Международный семинар Годзю-Рю Рюсёкай под руководством Сенаха Шигетоши Ханси 9 Дан и Тамаки Хидэнобу Ханси 9 Дан.

Место проведения:
— Россия, Москва, Столярный переулок 3 к 13
Стоимость участия:
— для граждан России, Украины и Белоруссии 7500р,
— для граждан других стран 150 евро.
Информация будет обновляться по мере появления.
Мы рады приветствовать всех, кто заинтересован в Годзюрю старой школы.

International Ryusyokai Gasshuku 2018 in Moscow, lead by Senaha Shigetoshi Hanshi 9 Dan and Tamaki Hidenobu Hanshi 9 Dan.
Place: Russia, Moscow, Stolyarny lane, 3 bld 13
Cost of participation:
-150 euro

The schedule known for today:

18th of August 10:00-12:30 Training
18th of August 13:00-14:00 Lunch
18th of August 16:00-18:30 Training

19th of August 10:00-12:30 Training
19th of August 13:00-14:00 Lunch
19th of August 16:00-18:30 Training

The place: Russia, Moscow, Stolyarny per 3 bld 13
If you need some help with accomodation please contact me.
Pavel Demyanov

some tips:
1) What is a real Moscow not so much the tourist parts?
-There are many of interesting places. One shoul buy or download any tourist guide and we are planning to walk and hang out together all of the Gasshuku time. Some our russian association members will gladly help and show some.
2) And of course what is a safe and unsafe areas?
-Moscow is pretty much safe place now. Especially if you are a friend with a common sense (do not wave bundles of cash above your head, don’t drink vodka with unknown persons, don’t walk alone at night at suburban etc..)
3) Many people speak English in Moscow
4) We have comfortable rapid transit system here (much cheaper then Taxi)
5) we will try to help with any question and issue that will occur, please feel free to contact us.
6) We recommend to get Russian visa in 3 months advance.
7) We recommend to use http://www.booking.com/ to book an appartment.

We look forward to see all who is interested in old school Gojuryu karate. And it is a good chance to see Moscow.

Here is a video report from our last Gasshuku in Moscow.